What is Epocrates Clone?

Epocrates clone is an open-source online medical reference script that is designed for physicians to get detailed drug information. The users are able to check drug dosing, drug safety details, drug interactions, calculations to get the correct dosage, insurance details of specific drugs, medical news, clinical practice guidelines, etc. This drug reference clone script will help anyone to build an online medical store for users.

Why should you use Epocrates Clone?

Epocrates clone is a medical reference app script that helps clinicians and anyone in the medical field to do a quick check about the drug. It shows drug prescription, dosing, adverse reactions, safety details, drug interactions, retail price, etc. Users can easily understand the drug by searching and can determine what illness the medicine is used for. Epocrates clone provides a searchable guide to diseases, instructional videos, monographs, etc. Epocrates clone is an open-source script that can be customized easily as per your requirements.

Features of Epocrates Clone Script

  • Review drug prescription and safety details of generic and OTC drugs
  • Drug interaction checker
  • Allows users to check the alternative to particular drugs
  • Identify the pill by describing its appearance
  • Users can see the details of the manufacturer
  • Get a searchable guide to diseases, instructional videos, monographs, etc

How does Epocrates Clone work?

Epocrates clone is an open-source script to provide web service and mobile application for doctors, physicians, nurses, medical students to simply refer to the details of drugs. Epocrates clone is a pharmaceutical reference script with various medical reference materials, medical calculators etc. Epocrates clone is a reliable, extensive, navigable service for searching the details of medications including drug dosing, uses, reactions, interactions, etc. Epocrates clone script also provides tools to identify disease information and treatment, alternative drugs, etc. Users can easily identify a pill by giving its color, shape, scoring, code, etc

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