What is Zomato Script?

Online food ordering businesses are increasing in the global food industry. Zomato is one of the leading global food delivery chains that offers excellent food ordering experiences to users. Besides food delivery, this is also a platform where you can come across several reputed and new restaurants in your locality. You can also check out the list of restaurants in different cities. In addition to this, the Zomato clone allows its users to review restaurants. That’s what makes the app helpful for new users in terms of choosing good restaurants.

Why Should You Use Zomato Clone Script?

Zomato clone script is an open-source online delivery software that helps entrepreneurs and startups to build an online ordering platform. Zomato clone has many in-built features that allow you to build a user-friendly and scalable platform. As you get an authentic source code, you can avoid unnecessary expenses while moderating the clone script. That’s what makes it easier to make changes to the app according to the preferences of the customers. You get real-time assistance from technicians of developers as you use the Zomato clone script.

Features of Zomato Clone Script

  • Instant Push Notifications
  • Integrated Chat
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Powerful Back-end Dashboard
  • Sales analytics
  • Secure Online Payments
  • Real-time delivery update
  • Stores can customize the order

How Does Zomato Clone Work?

Zomato clone is an open-source on-demand food delivery app script. Customizing a food delivery app like Zomato is a cost-effective and time-efficient method than developing an app from scratch. The clone script shortlists restaurants according to the preferences and the locations of users. As the user selects a particular restaurant, the clone script introduces him to the variety of food the restaurant offers. Users need to add foods to carts, and they need to make payments for completing the orders. The restaurants start preparing foods on completion of the orders, and after that, delivery boys are allotted by the app.

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