What is Yelp Script?

Yelp is a business review script that connects businesses to share details within the community. Users can review and recommend restaurants, services, entertainment, shopping, etc. It displays the ratings and reviews of customers to help other people to find the best service. Yelp script works like an online business directory. If you are planning to build a consumer review script then buy our Yelp clone script. If you are planning to create an online review website similar to Yelp then consider our online service scripts. Choose the clone script and customize the features according to your requirements.

Why should you use Yelp Clone?

Yelp clone is an open-source consumer review script that helps entrepreneurs and startups to start an online business directory. Online review clone script is integrated with all the essential features for the best online review software. Listing local businesses and connecting owners with the public is easily possible with the use of the Yelp clone script. It gives all the business information including product details, services, images, and other information. Using Yelp PHP clone you can create a user-friendly online review platform to get suggestions, solutions, and to build a strong customer/business connection.

Features of Yelp Clone Script

  • Customers cand business owners can interact in private or public
  • Users can search for specific service reviews
  • Users can post reviews, rate products and services
  • Business listings section to show new businesses
  • Users can connect with others
  • Users can share the suggestions and reviews in social media

How does Yelp Clone work?

Yelp ready-made script is the consumer review platform where people can share their experience in the form of reviews. It is the best way for customers to connect with the business owners. Customer-owner interaction is easier in the review section. The in-built features of Yelp clone script allow you to add or remove any functions for better performance. We have built the Yelp website clone script for entrepreneurs and startups to launch their online business directory with exciting features and functionalities.

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