What is Wyzant?

Wyzant provides a platform for tutors of all types to connect with students who need their services. If passion lies in imparting knowledge to others, people consider a career in academics by tutoring students online. Virtual learning offers numerous perks to the students and tutors by making the learning process more fun, interactive, and flexible. Wyzant is one such Learning management system that offers tutoring services in a range of subjects. Often tutors don't get enough opportunities to display their talent by changing the lives of the students because of a lack of resources and time. However, Wyzant has optimized the entire process by allowing tutors to run their business via the platform. If you are in search of developing a tutoring platform then you should consider our Wyzant clone script.

Why should you use Wyzant Clone?

Regardless of a teaching professional or a student looking to tutor to pay college expenses, users can easily register into Wyzant by selecting their preferred subjects. Create a profile by attaching qualification documents and even reviews of former students. Since Wyzant receives millions of students every month, users have a high chance of acquiring clients without hassles. tutoring platforms are increasing throughout the year. Many students are depending upon tutoring websites for their better studies. A lot of educational platforms are planning to add new features like finding a tutor from the locality or nearby areas. If you need to build an app with various such kinds of features then get a quote from us.

Features of Wyzant Clone Script

  • Find ideal tutor
  • Chat in real time
  • Easily compare tutors and their ratings, student reviews, backgrounds, and fees.
  • See tutors’ schedules and book lessons
  • Track progress
  • Get helpful reminders
  • Add a review to tutor’s profile
  • Allow Students to Find Nearby Tutors Easily
  • Enable Students to Book On-demand In-person or Video Session
  • Safe & Secure Payment Option

How does Wyzant clone work?

After registering with Wyzant, Users have to choose an hourly rate based on their expertise. Once the business picks up, Wyzant will start charging a commission of about 25% from user earnings. If the user has some tutoring experience or holds expertise in any subject, can join Wyzant and conduct tutoring sessions from the comfort of home. After every session, the user will have to complete some paperwork, post it and payment will be cleared. Worldwide students are searching online for private tutors every day. This implicates the need for an online tutoring platform. Tutoring platforms are the fastest growing community for students & instructors. Wyzant clone is specially created for educational institutes and startups that plan to build a teaching platform. Using our Wyzant clone you can add any additional features and customize as per the project requirements.

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