What is WhatsApp Script?

WhatsApp is the most popular name when it comes to messaging services. Messaging services have seen a significant boom in the past few years send its acceptance. WhatsApp script is a solution that would help multiple developers, chatting services, and businesses. Any business nowadays believes in interacting with the customers, and such a messaging service would be a great help to them. If you are planning to develop a messaging app then buy our WhatsApp clone script.

Why should you use WhatsApp Clone?

Our WhatsApp clone will share the same features as the original service. It will show the message's status, whether it is delivered or if it has been read but the recipient. The cover also features its user's ability to share many media files like photos, videos, docs, or stickers. It allows the user, to reply to a particular message in any group. It can even enable to send a private message to any member replying to a message sent to a group. The best feature is the ability to delete the message before the receipt sees it. This WhatsApp app clone would bring together people by giving the users features like audio calls and video calls. There can be an additional feature of chatting in an offline mode in industry, thus saving time and internet resources.

Features of WhatsApp Clone Script

  • Advanced Search Mode
  • Format Text
  • Mute Chats and Groups
  • Control Privacy
  • Share Documents
  • Read messages without blue ticks
  • Auto Download Option
  • Protect Chats
  • Block unwanted people

How does WhatsApp Clone work?

WhatsApp ready-made script is an open-source messaging script that helps entrepreneurs to build a new messaging platform. The technologies that WhatsApp clone uses are NODE JS, ANGULAR JS2, and other native systems, making it very responsive and fun to use. Thus any business can implement this to connect with its customers. It can also be be used internal chatting service for the employees to connect. Thus a Whatapp clone is one of the useful creations of all time. Using our WhatsApp Clone script startups and entrepreneurs can easily launch their messaging platform. The script is user-friendly, scalable and customizable.

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