What is Unacademy Clone Script?

Unacademy is one of the largest Edtech platforms in the world. The brand started as a Youtube channel in 2015, and as the user base grew, it moved to a standalone platform. It is now valued at over $3 billion and boasts over 50 million users worldwide, with three billion+ minutes of course consumption and 2000+ daily live videos.

Unacademy clone script is a multi-test and readymade e-learning software that is used to create feature-packed E-Tech platforms. The defining feature of the platform is its Live video incorporation that enables daily live classes from multiple instructors. Additionally, there is space for students to interact with instructors and clear their doubts while in the live session.

Unacademy Clone Script also hosts additional resources in the form of practice sessions, mock tests, learning materials, and recorded videos to make the content more structured and accessible. Apart from Edtech entrepreneurs, the script is also helpful for schools, colleges, and other educational institutions to get their courses live and online.

Why should you use Unacademy Clone Script?

Unacademy clone script enables you to create a platform that has best-in-class Edtech features, connecting millions of students and educators. You can host educational courses made by yourself or your organization and accept user-generated content. The educators can record and add videos, streamline them based on course progress as well as provide interactive quizzes, chats and practice sessions. They can also send out automated certificates and track the progress of all the students.

Unacademy Clone Script provided additional flexibility for the educators to schedule recorded classes when they wish and notify students about it. They can even come live and interact with students in real-time. As the administrator, you can customize all aspects of the platform and add features and content relevant to your user base.

Features of Unacademy Clone Script

  • Host live classes daily
  • Recorded classes and PDF course materials
  • Add practice sessions, quizzes, and mock test
  • Multiple monetization avenues
  • Multiple exam types and categories
  • Multi-language support
  • Interactive session with educators via real-time chat and live questionnaire
  • Insights for admins and educators
  • Track courses and progress
  • Flexible course scheduling
  • Add favorite courses
  • Choose top educators
  • Free and paid libraries
  • Payment monitoring
  • Students review session

How does Unacademy Clone Script work?

Unacademy Clone Script brings together three key players- The student, Educator, and Administrator. The web bank end panel for administrators helps control all aspects of the website, including enrolled students, educators, course materials, features available for users, course material options as well as key insights into usage and performance.

Unacademy for students is primarily app-based, but our clone script can help you build on both web and mobile. Students can view live videos, watch recorded videos, go through the structured courses, and interact with educators ( even in real-time). They can rate educators and receive certificates automatically.

There is an app/portal for educators where they can add courses, place schedules, interact with students, start live sessions, and receive payments.

Unacademy Clone Scripts is easy to use and compatible with various online education-related uses.

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