What is Udemy Clone?

Udemy clone is an open-source script of an online learning platform. It is for individuals to learn new course programs from anywhere at any time. An online learning platform is a place for various instructors and tutors of various subjects to showcase their expertise to interested students. Udemy Clone script is a user-friendly e-learning software that can provide ample online resources for learners. Udemy clone app will give you the control to check prices, add courses, edit commissions offered to your users and more. The experts and professionals can create any kind of course and bring their expertise to the public with Udemy clone.

Why should you use Udemy Clone?

Udemy clone is an online teaching and learning software that enables entrepreneurs to build an e-learning marketplace. Learners can meet their tutors online and can learn according to their interest in the course. With the help of Udemy clone, the tutors can provide the best online courses for their users. A tutor has a dashboard to upload videos, study materials, and can easily manage courses. A student can choose any of the course and after completion, the student will get a certificate of achievement. Udemy clone script is a robust learning management system that can be customized according to your additional requirements.

Features of Udemy Clone Script

  • Option to choose the language based on the region
  • Admin has access to all courses and can set the price
  • Organize and manage the courses based on categories
  • Option to download videos if the course is paid by the user
  • Multiple payment gateways to receive payments
  • Learners will get a certificate of achievement after course completion

How does Udemy Clone work?

Udemy clone is a readymade online learning management script that is helpful to both instructors and students. The tutor can manage the dashboard, and they can upload course videos, study materials and set the price of courses. There is also an option to upload free courses. The learners can choose any of the courses of instructors and start learning after payment. There is an option for users to enroll the course. Students can save their favorite courses to wishlist and add the course to cart. Udemy script is user-friendly and the website owners can manage easily without technical knowledge.

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