What is Udacity Script?

Udacity is an online education provider that offers massive open online courses. Udacity has a stronger focus on the job training. Udacity courses consist of pre-recorded videos, include quizzes, projects and students can add to their portfolios. Udacity clone is an open-source online education script for the users to learn from anywhere in the world. The clone script is designed for instructors to bring their teaching services to a globalized level. It will also help startups and entrepreneurs to build an e-learning marketplace with less investment and without any technical knowledge of online learning software. Users can use advanced educational tools to get a better learning experience using the clone script. The instructors can offer open online and interactive courses to learners to improve their professional skills. If you are planning to start an online education platform similar to Udacity then you should consider our Udacity clone script.

Why should you use Udacity Clone?

Udacity clone script is online learning software that provides users various types of online education courses. Users can watch online lecture videos at their convenient time and they can download the videos if they paid for that course. Udacity script allows you to teach online education courses like machine learning, mobile and web development, data science, etc. It will be a great platform for entrepreneurs to boost their online education marketplace with different types of skill-based courses on the global level with Udacity clone PHP. You can also provide personalized lessons to learners and help them to manage the requirements using the Udacity clone script. This e-learning PHP script is customizable, you can customize the clone script as per your requirements.

Features of Udacity Clone Script

  • Users can find a comprehensive list of courses including paid and free
  • Every instructor get a dashboard to find the number of enrolled students
  • Learners can easily make a live conversation with the tutor
  • Instructor can add courses on any subject and can set the fee of course
  • Users can add their favorite courses to wishlist
  • Users can use coupon codes to reduce the cost of courses

How does Udacity Clone work?

The users can register their accounts in the Udacity clone script, and they can use the online learning platform from anywhere in the universe. Users can search for required courses they want to learn and see the description, price, instructor details, materials, starting and due dates, etc., considering these options the users can choose, apply or enroll for the course. Udacity script is designed with an unlimited category section so the tutors can post on the respective category and it helps users get better results by the search. Learners can add interesting courses to the wishlist and can pay through an online payment. Using this e-learning script the website owner will get profit by using advertisements, Google ads, etc.

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