What is UberEats Script?

UberEats has been one of the most prominent players in the market. UberEats can be considered as an aggregate business model constituting an online food ordering system and delivery tracking application on a single platform. UberEats is an on-demand food ordering and delivery platform. People of this generation love to get anything on their doorsteps. The booming of on-demand apps is the reason for people to depend more on them. UberEats clone is created to deliver efficient food delivery services to customers. If you are planning to build an online ordering platform like UberEats, then choose our UberEats clone script for a better result.

Why should you use UberEats Clone Script?

The entire delivery business market is ruling by online ordering app solutions. UberEats clone script includes all the features and functionalities to help the admin to run the delivery business seamlessly. Our UberEats clone is the perfect app solution with excellent support for running the food delivery business online and it delivers you outstanding results. UberEats script includes all features and functions with a dedicated customer app and delivery provider app. We introduce our food delivery clone with the latest technology stack and it is an ideal solution for the online food delivery business.

Features of UberEats Clone Script

  • Users can view the active order list and the status updates
  • Instant search option to find nearest restaurants based on the location, category and dish
  • Customers, restaurants, and delivery boy will receive notifications for new orders and order statuses.
  • Real-time tracking made simple using the GPS functionality
  • The complete order history of a user gets saved in the system.
  • Customers can rate the restaurant and the driver based on different parameters
  • Online payments can be made with our integrated payment gateways.

How does UberEats Clone work?

UberEats clone is an open-source on-demand food delivery app script. It enables entrepreneurs and startups to create an on-demand platform with fewer efforts. UberEats script is available for Android and iOS platforms. It is an ideal solution with updated tech support for timely delivery, with high revenue. Restaurant online ordering software is the best online ordering platform for ordering online food. Customizing a food delivery app script is a cost-effective approach where the entrepreneurs can also add features if needed. It is a time-efficient method than developing an app from scratch. If you are planning to start an online food ordering system, consider our open-source UberEats clone to start your business.

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