What is Tookan Script?

Tookan is a fully customized delivery application, offering end-to-end solutions to delivery businesses worldwide. This app streamlines the delivery operations done by connecting the delivery agents to the customer and route manager. Here the agents get notified for pickups and delivery, plan their deliveries, and get an optimized delivery route. This app allows tracking real-time the customers and agents and engaging them with the delivery platform for easy access. You can take total control of your delivery business operation with this app's help by managing the daily number of deliveries, delayed and canceled orders, and monitoring the delivery time.

Why should you use the Tookan Clone Script?

The Tookan Clone Script is one of the best apps for planning delivery routes and tracks the drivers while they are out for deliveries to plan our resources. The app is straightforward to use, as you have to insert data of your customers with addresses and so on. When the orders get ready for deliveries, then you have to take all open orders and let the program automatically assign them to your drivers. The algorithm helps to derive the shortage time to deliver, which is remarkable. This app, in short, helps get things done faster and save fuel consumption by a considerable margin.

Features of Tookan Clone Script

  • Smart Tracking
  • Optimized Route Planning
  • History and Reporting System
  • Mobile and External Integration
  • Data Analytics
  • Automatic Customer Alerts
  • Order Management
  • Delivery Status
  • Ratings and Reviews

How does the Tookan Clone Script Work?

Tookan is one of the most prominent apps for delivery businesses as it offers a smooth interface that is easy to understand and manage. The app works uniformly and can take up orders and deliveries irrespective of the numbers. The app first receives and handles all the bookings in one place and then automatically dispatches the delivery agents to the assigned address, ensuring that the route is shortest for faster delivery. The app allows direct contact between the customers and the delivery agent through customer feedback by receiving the ratings and reviews after delivery.

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