What is Thumbtack Clone?

Thumbtack is a renowned platform connecting users with local service providers. Our Thumbtack clone script is a robust, open-source solution designed for entrepreneurs and startups to create an online marketplace for local services. With features inspired by Thumbtack, Etsy, and more, this multi-vendor script facilitates a seamless connection between service providers and customers.

Why Should you use Thumbtack Clone Script?

Our Thumbtack clone script is an ideal solution for those looking to launch a local services marketplace quickly. The script comes with pre-built features, a user-friendly design, and scalability to adapt to your business needs. Entrepreneurs can customize the script to match their vision and create a high-quality multi-vendor marketplace. The package includes Android and iOS mobile apps for a comprehensive solution.

Features of Thumbtack Clone Script

  • Service reviews and ratings by customers
  • Convenient cart system for saving and purchasing services
  • Order tracking and delivery time information
  • Product popularity and reviews for informed decisions
  • Easy search functionality for finding specific services
  • Multiple payment options for user convenience
  • Insights into service provider performance
  • Bulk uploading of services
  • Scheduled updates and releases for seasonal offerings

How Does Thumbtack Clone App Work?

The Thumbtack clone script is a ready-to-use multi-vendor marketplace solution. It facilitates smooth connections between service providers and customers, mirroring the functionality of Thumbtack. Users can easily find and purchase local services, with order tracking available until the service is completed. The script's built-in features ensure scalability and user-friendliness. Customize the script according to your business requirements and create a responsive app for your local services marketplace. If you're planning to start a local services marketplace, invest in our Thumbtack clone app. Kick-start your project with a customizable solution that adapts to your unique business needs.

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