What is SurveyMonkey Script?

SurveyMonkey is an online survey development software that helps users to create and run professional online surveys. The users are able to estimate survey performance and can make actionable suggestions to increase survey effectiveness using the SurveyMonkey clone features. If organizations need to improve the experience of a certain audience then users can choose custom-built business solutions. SurveyMonkey script is survey software that helps users to make the right decisions.

Why should you use SurveyMonkey Clone?

Surveys are always important to collect feedback, opinions, and suggestions from the public and customers. Online survey script has many tools to create professional surveys. Using SurveyMonkey clone script one can easily analyze the important suggestions and feedback that will help the small or medium businesses to do better. Already there are many inbuilt features added in the script if you need to add any additional features it is also possible because it is a customizable script.

Features of SurveyMonkey Clone Script

  • Users can have limited questions with responses in the survey
  • Choose from the survey templates and type of questions
  • Option to add close-ended, open-ended and descriptive categories
  • Many ways to sent surveys to users as email, Facebook, Twitter, weblink etc
  • Share survey results both internally and externally

How does SurveyMonkey Clone work?

SurveyMonkey Clone script is an open-source script and you can customize according to the requirements. The software is developed as anyone can sign-up, create, and send surveys using the basic features. In the freemium model, users can add only 10 questions, 100 responses, and email support. Users can easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls for the audience. It collects feedback through email, mobile, social media, weblink, etc. Users can choose any categories for the survey, it can be a single answer, multiple-choice, rating scale, text boxes type, numerical text boxes, 3 matrix-type questions, etc. Thus users can easily create high-quality professional surveys.

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