What is Storeya?

Storeya is a Social Commerce platform for importing web stores onto Facebook. Although setting up an online business might sound easy, generating sales requires expertise and effort. If you are not achieving your desired ROI after investing in social media marketing of your online store, then Storeya clone is here to help you fulfill your aspirations. Facebook store app features will help businesses to increase social media engagement and generates revenue. Storeya clone script helps users to import their store to Facebook effortlessly. If you want to create a Facebook shop application then consider our Facebook store clone script.

Why should you use Storeya Clone?

During the initial few years, all online business owners have to go through a daunting struggle to achieve their organizational targets because they lack staffing and resources. If you partner with Storeya clone, it will take care of targeting your customers via customized marketing strategies so that you can focus on improving your product standards. Even after setting up your online store, you might experience a drop in traffic, which might be due to many factors, including poor SEO. However, Storeya PHP script will manage all the needs of your online store and even implement effective SEO strategies so that you don't lose a potential customer. Any custom modifications can implement easily in the open-source script and you can start your Facebook shopping store in a faster way.

Features of Storeya Clone Script

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Automatic bid optimizer
  • Geo-targeted visitors
  • Smart algorithm
  • Facebook Shop
  • Refer a Friend
  • Group Deal

How does Storeya Clone work?

In a nutshell, Storeya ready-made script is an open-source Facebook store app that helps businesses drive engagement and increase the conversion of potential leads across your social media pages and website. The traffic booster feature of Storeya script will drive genuine and interested traffic to your website. Storeya clone offers the feature to generate leads successfully, where you can offer discount coupons to your potential customers and increase your revenue. If most of your website visitors leave your store without purchasing anything, then Storeya's exit-pop feature will help you retain such customers. If you need any additional features in your shopping store, it is possible to customize your project requirements.

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