What is Shoptab?

If you run an ecommerce business on Facebook, you will have to leverage the social media platform in the best possible way. Shoptab is one such effective apps that allow you to install your virtual store on Facebook within a few seconds. Within no time, you can turn your fans into loyal customers with the help of the Facebook store created and supported by Shoptab. We have created a Shoptab clone script that allows small and medium-sized businesses to create free Facebook stores, customize the storefront and add products. If you are in search of creating a Facebook shop application then consider our Facebook store clone script.

Why should you use Shoptab Clone?

When you use social media platforms such as Facebook to promote and sell your products, the product layout is fundamental. When you are offering discounts on various products during specific seasons and festivals, you need to display the products to attract the interest of your potential buyers. The various features of Shoptab allow you to organize your discounted products in your Facebook store and enhance and manage your sales. Our Facebook store app has similar features to Shoptab and you can customize it according to your project requirements. This unique storefront gives opportunities to small and medium businesses to reach new audiences.

Features of Shoptab Clone Script

  • Promotion and Discount Codes
  • Buyer Text in Product Listings
  • Mobile Store Functionality
  • Store Performance Dashboard
  • Add, Edit or Delete Individual Products
  • Multi-Shop Dashboard
  • Add Store to a Website or Blog
  • Maximum Product Listings Supported

How does Shoptab Clone work?

If your business's sales are not picking up despite establishing an online store, then you will have to enhance the Facebook presence of your business with the help of Shoptab clone script. To use this app, you will have to navigate to the shoptab clone of Facebook and then import your product information. After this, once you integrate the Facebook store app into your Facebook account, your store will be live. The administrative panel is super intuitive and allows you to add product details either manually or with the help of the shopping data feed. You can try out the amazing features of Shoptab script for a week without paying a penny. Stores are completely customizable and flexible to your brand. The marketplace of Shoptab clone script allows users to easily find your brand and products.

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