What is Reddit Clone?

Reddit clone is a social bookmarking script that allows users to post links and to get more backlinks for websites. The Reddit clone script delivers complete social bookmarking website solutions. Using our social bookmarking software you can build a similar website with additional features. The online posted links will get up or down votes from users. It will help to get more traffic to a particular post.

Why should you use Reddit Clone?

Reddit clone script is an open-source social bookmarking software for you to build a social bookmarking website with fewer efforts. Our Reddit clone script will help to increase SEO rank and it will bring more traffic to posted blog links and websites. We help startups and entrepreneurs to start a bookmarking website using our Reddit script. Reddit clone has all standard features to develop your platform with high quality. It is a highly scalable, user-friendly, and robust clone script and even you can customize it according to your project requirements.

Features of Reddit Clone Script

  • It provides more ways for user interaction
  • Users can add comments and share
  • It enables users to add their widgets
  • It allows users to post links, photos, video, audio etc

How does Reddit Clone work?

Reddit clone is a social news aggregator and forum where users are content creators or consumers. It is a discussion platform and link distribution platform where contents are socially promoted through upvotes and downvotes. Users can see the images, videos, audio, links posted by others, they can share the content or comment and thus the posted contents will get more reach. Reddit clone script has inbuilt features and if you have any new feature to add then we can help you to customize it and make it as what you want. If planning to build a social bookmarking platform then buy our Reddit clone script.

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