What is Rakuten Script?

Rakuten is an online shopping website that offers thousands of new deals every day from top brands across Electronics, Home & Outdoor, Apparel, and more. Rakuten is a website that will offer you monetary rewards if you purchase products through the website. Rakuten has partnerships with many retail websites. Rakuten is an affiliate marketing business that redirects its website visitors to other business websites. If you shop from any of the stores redirected by Rakuten, you will win cashback amounts. Rakuten even offers to join bonuses to the new users to ensure a drive in traffic. If you are interested in building an online retail platform then you should consider our Rakuten clone script to start a similar platform.

Why should you use Rakuten clone?

Rakuten earns money when you purchase products from any of the retail stores promoted by Rakuten. After every purchase, Rakuten earns incentives from the business, and then it offers you a certain percentage of its earnings in the form of cashback. If you are also willing to launch an affiliate marketing website to earn maximum profits without really manufacturing any products, you can consider using the Rakuten clone script. When you run a website like that of Rakuten, you will make the most of multiple revenue streams. Although running an affiliate business is super easy, it ensures high profits if your business website is effective and user-friendly like that of Rakuten.

Features of Rakuten Clone Script

  • Advanced search option
  • Payment Gateways
  • Easy sign-up process
  • Push Notifications
  • Feedback System
  • In-store integration
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Store performance insights

How does Rakuten work?

Rakuten clone is an open-source script that allows entrepreneurs and startups to start their own business. When you launch your website by incorporating the Rakuten clone script, you will see that your website will work exactly like the Rakuten website. Once you register as the admin, you can create cashback coupons, and you can even automate customization of the promotions and deals. Customers will be able to conduct an extensive search to find the products of their preferences at reasonable prices. There is even the option to automate push alerts to your customers’ email ids to notify them about the daily deals. The Rakuten clone script is super easy to use and integrate and will offer your customers a satisfactory experience. You can customize the clone script according to your project requirements.

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