What is Pinterest Script?

Pinterest is a social photo-sharing website that allows users to share images, videos and adds pins to the pinboard. Pinterest script helps you to build a similar photo-sharing website like Pinterest. Users can use the website to create and manage image collections of their interesting events, hobbies, interests, quotes, etc. If you are planning to create a photo-sharing website then you can buy our Pinterest clone script.

Why should you use Pinterest Clone?

Pinterest clone is an open-source photo-sharing script that can be customized very easily and can be changed as per requirements. The Pinterest website script allows users to save, like, and share pins and images. Through Pinterest script, you can furnish your new ideas. The Pinterest clone script is indeed very effectively built that creates no problem for whoever is using it. Pinterest custom-made script is usually cost-effective and it will help entrepreneurs to start their photo-sharing business properly at a low budget.

Features of Pinterest Clone Script

  • Users can pin images/videos
  • Users can create unlimited pinboards
  • Add, delete images from the board
  • Users can re-pin the images
  • Connections can follow and unfollow the boards

How does Pinterest Clone work?

Pinterest ready-made clone script is built with several features same as in original Pinterest. The Pinterest clone will help entrepreneurs and startups to launch their photo-sharing business without any trouble. Users can start using the photo-sharing platform by adding pins to the board. They can add interesting images and videos to their pinboard and the connected people can like, share, or save it. This photo-sharing script has all the essential features. If you need to add any additional features then it is also possible. If you are planning to build a photo-sharing platform then buy our Pinterest clone script. You can customize it according to your requirements.

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