What is Meebo Script?

Meebo is one of the popular social networking service providers with tremendous popularity. It is an instant messaging platform that allows to chat with anyone. A clone script to this service platform like social media script helps people to connect with other people and for microblogging services. There are inbuilt features like sending and receiving messages or post any pictures or blogs on the social media page. Users can also find rooms for private chats. If you are planning to create a web-based instant messaging application then buy our Meebo clone script.

Why Should You Use Meebo Clone Script?

A few salient features of the clone script are the support for multi-language usability. Users can create any post using their native language without any difficulties and it helps people express their true feelings. The Meebo script supports for instant messaging features to connect with other community members. Users are not permitted to follow any particular person or friends and know about their lifestyle. The users has the ability to edit images or profile pictures and share them with his friends and others. Meebo clone script provides a powerful admin dashboard to have control over information that shares on the internet. You can add additional features to the open-source script according to your project requirements.

Features of Meebo Clone Script

  • Users can choose content specific rooms
  • Users can create chat rooms and add guests
  • Users can view and delete chat logs
  • Users can send files to any Meebo users
  • Users can block others to stop messaging you
  • Uses can set the status visible or invisible

How Does Meebo Clone Work?

Talking about the Meebo clone script's working works the way it was meant to be. It is a social networking platform that connects friends and other people. The messaging service bundled with it also adds to the interaction between two-person or a group of people. It is easy to connect with people worldwide through such services. If you have similar ideas we can help you to build a social service provider using our open-source script. Our Meebo clone is an open-source script that allows you to customize the script according to your project requirements. If you want to know more about this clone script, get a free quote from us.

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