What is Lyft Script?

Lyft is an on-demand service app the offers excellent service having user-centric features that provide an enhanced ride-hailing experience. The admin has the liberty to adjust the entire tech as per their business needs through customization support. Admin can use it to build its brand identity and stay at the top in today’s competitive market. It comes enhanced with multi-language and country options. The admin of the app can easily modify the language as per the region to serve their clients. With the help of the Lyft Clone app, you can now operate business across several countries.

Why should you use the Lyft Clone?

There are several reasons why you should use the LYFT Clone app over the others. The admin has the liberty to serve a massive base of customers irrespective of the countries, as supported in various countries in their language. This app is available on both Google and iOS devices which is remarkable. Using this app, you can strengthen your customer engagement and increase accessibility. This app helps you build your brand awareness and cultivate a habit of customer loyalty not seen in any other apps. Overall, the entire LYFT Clone app helps to improve business efficiency to a new level.

Features of Lyft Clone Script

  • Live Chat with Driver
  • Driver & Car Pickup Details
  • Real-time Driver Tracking
  • Split Payment System
  • Cancel Ride
  • Push Notifications
  • Trip Information
  • Schedule a ride in advance
  • Built-in Navigation

How does the LYFT Clone Script work?

LYFT Clone script is an on-demand taxi booking app that works on a simple formula that allows the riders to book a cab by clicking the “book now” button. By doing this, the user gets a taxi at the desired location. The driver app focuses on projecting the driver-based aspects such as rider info, user request, navigation detail, ride detail, and transaction information. The user has to click the book now button and choose the desired location to get the app working. The driver nearby is notified who is responsible for offering service to the customer.

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