What is Lexicomp Script?

Lexicomp is a clinical drug information app that gives access to clear, concise, and relevant clinical information to help healthcare professionals. It shares information regarding drugs, diseases, toxicology, diagnostic tests, and patient information. Lexicomp script is an open-source script of clinical information solution for pharmacists, physicians, nurses, medical students, etc. Lexicomp script helps users to get drug information, including dosing, warnings and precautions, clinical practice guidelines, with an extensive research solution. Lexicomp clone is a collection of clinical details and support tools with an extensive library to check topics including generic, adult, and pediatric dosing, pregnancy and lactation, patient education, etc. If you are planning to build a pharma app then use Lexicomp Clone Script.

Why Should You Use Lexicomp Clone?

Lexicomp clone script provides drug information and tools for clinicians, healthcare practitioners, medical students, etc who need to get detailed drug information at the point of care. Lexicomp PHP clone helps pharmacists to increase efficiency, ensure compliance, patient safety, and improve workflow throughout the pharmacy. Lexicomp clone script allows users to search for a drug in the form of dosage, shape, color, etc and thus can identify a pill. It helps clinicians find answers to deeper clinical questions and help to make clinical decisions. Lexicomp clone script allows clinicians, pharmacists, physicians, and nurses to use the app on a daily basis.

Features of Lexicomp Clone Script

  • Provides extensive drug information and decision support tools
  • Allows users to review a detailed list of interactions along with patient management steps
  • Easy to identify a drug based on dosage, shape, and color
  • Users can assess, diagnose and determine treatment for poisons
  • Medical calculators allow users to generate calculations of medical formulas, organ function analysis, etc
  • The database provides detailed descriptions of diagnostic tests and procedures

How Does Lexicomp Clone Work?

Lexicomp clone script is an open-source script that offers drug and clinical information for pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Users will get answers for the drug-related questions even if there’s no internet connection. Users can search the drug name and get the monograph along with detailed drug information. While searching about a drug the users will get information including generic name, brand name, labeler, imprint, strength, shape, color. The clone has many features that can help the users, as it is a customizable script you can add any features as per your requirements.

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