What is Kobo Clone?

Kobo clone is an e-reader platform that helps every writer to sell their books through this platform. Kobo clone allows all the readers to buy their favorite books online that makes it easier for the readers. Kobo clone is designed to carry books everywhere and readers can read books anywhere in the world. Users can search for their favorite books to purchase and can be downloaded.

Why should you use Kobo Clone?

Kobo clone is an open-source script that is designed mainly for readers and writers. Writers are able to sell their works using the app and readers can download and read books from anywhere at any time. It is a useful platform for users who want to keep all books with them all the time. Users can adjust the text size, margins, and line spacing. Users will get books from any language and they can add interesting books in the wishlist.

Features of Kobo Clone Script

  • Select the language based on the region
  • Users can find their favorite books free and paid
  • Users can hear their stories through audible
  • Users can save the books in the app itself
  • Mark the interesting books in the wishlist

How does Kobo Clone work?

Kobo clone is an online reading platform that is helpful to both writers and readers. The authors can upload the books and can set the price for the books. Users can search for the required books through this platform and can see the summary, price, author details. Readers can save their favorite books to the wishlist and add the books to cart and purchase. Kobo clone script will make a user-friendly platform and it is customizable. You can add any features according to the requirements.

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