What is Kiva script?

Kiva is an online lending platform that helps to connect lenders to entrepreneurs to raise the money necessary for their business. Kiva is the first online peer-to-peer microcredit marketplace. Kiva is one of the fastest-growing nonprofits that help entrepreneurs around the globe raise funds necessary for their business. It is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to reduce poverty. These are non-interest loans for individuals that are starting a small business with a set of monthly repayment. It provides microloans to support entrepreneurs in their business. If you are interested in starting an organization like Kiva you can buy our Kiva clone script. It will help you to build a successful micro-lending platform.

Why Should You Use Kiva Clone?

Kiva clone script is built for entrepreneurs and startups with a plan to start a lending platform. Kiva is a place that connects people who need a loan and who want to loan money. You can customize the clone script according to your business requirements. Our lending and borrowing script has many inbuilt features. This lending platform connects people with one another and helps them to grow their businesses. It’s not easy as it sounds to create a crowdfunding platform from scratch. Using our Kiva clone script you can build an online lending business with less effort.

Features of Kiva Clone Script

  • Easily connects lenders and borrowers
  • Browse the loan requests and choose a borrower
  • Users can choose according to country
  • User can opt for a particular sector
  • Users can sort by popularity
  • Lenders can check the borrower details
  • Lenders can re-lend or withdraw the money

How Does Kiva Clone Work?

Kiva ready-made script is an open-source script that helps you to build a lending website. The website allows anyone to lend to an entrepreneur who needs a loan. Entrepreneurs use their loans in many different ways like to expand their non-profit organization. You can add any additional features to our clone script. If you are planning to start a lending platform then tell us what are your requirements and the changes you need in our Kiva clone script. Get a quote from us and make the first step to start your peer-to-peer microcredit marketplace.

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