What is Kindle Clone?

Kindle clone is an ebook reader that enables users to buy or subscribe to download books, read newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs and more. Users can also download an iPod or MP3 player with music. Using the Kindle clone startups and entrepreneurs can develop a reading platform where users can store a huge number of books. Users can do searches for relevant books and other inbuilt web-oriented activities.

Why should you use Kindle Clone?

Kindle clone script is an open-source script that can be customized easily according to the needs and requirements. Using the Kindle clone app users can download books from anywhere. Users can see the latest releases, best reads, bestsellers, books with best reviews, etc and also users can try an eBook before they buy. A single Kindle clone app can hold more than enough titles.

Features of Kindle Clone Script

  • Users can store thousands of books in category wise
  • Users can try before they buy an eBook
  • Users are able to read newspapers, magazines, blogs
  • Users can search for books in any language
  • Automatic bookmark option
  • Users can search for favorite authors

How does Kindle Clone work?

Kindle clone script allows users to read any type of book from any language at any time. The clone script is built with several functions. Users can bookmark a page, highlights, and type notes in the app. There is an option for users to customize the text, font, margins, etc. Simply tap and hold a word to view its definition, and the Kindle clone lets users track the reading progress. Kindle clone script will make a user-friendly platform and it is customizable. You can add any features according to the requirements.

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