What is Funding Circle Script?

Funding Circle is a web-based peer-to-peer lending marketplace that enables the general public to lend funds directly to small and mid-size businesses without an upfront fee. Funders provide cash and business loans to businesses, who then use the funds to purchase equipment, expand their business, make debt-related purchases, or certain other business banking requirements. A typical lending transaction usually involves a pre-approval process, typically from a local credit union or bank, followed by the provision of working capital (e.g., equipment, furniture, raw materials) upon receipt of an application and signing of documents. Typically, borrowers use funds from the proceeds of a loan to make debt payments or other significant business expenses. A private lending company does not generally participate in businesses' financing except as an addendum to an existing loan. If you are planning to build an online lending platform similar to Funding Circle then you must have to consider this open-source Funding Circle clone script.

Why Should You Use the Funding Circle Clone?

Other businesses or industries may have the same approach and niche requirements as of the Funding Circle. That’s why, to save your time & energy that you would invest in picking up the pieces for your business one by one, we offer you Funding Circle Script. It is a platform that enables you to create a platform using a ready-made clone script exactly like the Funding Circle. It will help you start your business as quickly as possible while maintaining the exact features and services you are willing to serve. Funding Circle Clone Script works as a base or ready-to-work platform for you, helping you to utilize highly scalable, effective, user-friendly, and robust features associated with your project.

Features of Funding Circle Clone Script

  • Document Management
  • Loan/EMI Calculator
  • Lead Management
  • Credit Score Calculation
  • Security Management
  • Report and Analytics
  • Automatic Repayments
  • Reward Points
  • Online Chat and Call Support
  • Push Notifications
  • Withdraw Payment

How Does Funding Circle Clone Script Work?

Funding Circle clone script works the same as that of the Funding Circle app or website. The provisions and service buttons will be the same and can be changed if you customize them according to your business demands. The top two advantages of working with Funding Circle PHP script will be:

Utilizing Effective Tech-Savvy Solutions: With the help of the Funding Circle ready-made script, you will be able to make use of all the solutions and services that you may have ever seen on Funding Circle’s portal. You can quickly offer your clients these services as you don’t need to engage yourself in doing the same from scratch.

Getting Benefited with Result-Oriented Services: Funding Circle clone script helps you with the result-oriented services and options that have already been used by Funding Circle. It not only saves you plenty of time but also offers you efficiency-driven positive results.

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