What is Freelancer Clone?

Freelancer clone is an online job platform that provides a huge workspace for employers and freelancers around the world. The site allows employers to post work for site members who place bids in a competitive tender process. Freelancer clone provides the service buyer a fast entry to thousands of independent contractors with certain skills instead of posting any advertisements or workspace providers etc. For freelancers, it offers a bid of part-time to full-time job opportunities.

Why should you use Freelancer Clone Script?

Freelancer clone is an online marketplace where employers and employees are able to find each other. The platform is used to earn money online. This platform will help to develop extra revenue for the freelancer. There will be no person to lead or control users. Everyone can work according to their own time and availability of work. Works through the Freelancer clone can complete easily and get paid for the work without risks. Freelancer clone script helps startups and entrepreneurs to start an online freelance service platform.

Features of Freelancer Clone Script

  • Free job advertisement
  • Secure payment transaction
  • There is no cost for conversation
  • Customer support is always available
  • Users can view the job samples
  • Freelancers can set the bid amount for their work

How does Freelancer Clone work?

Freelancer clone is an open-source script that helps startups and entrepreneurs to start a freelance service platform. Users need to create a profile to choose the category of the work according to the choice. Users can add the range of bids for the work. Customers will select the freelancer by checking the profile details, description, skills, bid range, etc. If the bid is accepted by the customer then before starting the project, the customer needs to create milestones. Payment is done after receiving the work and if the payment is received, customers need to leave feedback in the account and the worker can also give feedback.

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