What is Field Agent Clone?

Field Agent clone is an open-source script for mystery shopping platforms. It is an on-demand platform to help brands, retailers, and agencies for a better shopper experience. Field Agent clone script is built with features like retail audits, shopper insights, product demos, online reviews, and ratings. It will also allow users to earn money by doing certain jobs.

Why should you use Field Agent Clone?

Field Agent Clone script mobilizes shoppers to provide accurate and real-time insights for branded goods and industries with best in class retail auditing. Field Agent Clone provides the option to take photos, express opinions, answer questions or to complete tasks. Mobile audits provide instant on-site visibility when shoppers interact with stores and retail from anyplace. Retailers can see how customers are responding to their products in-store and online. Get customer experience insights like staff engagement, store conditions, shopping experiences, and product usage through mystery shopping.

Features of Field Agent Clone Script

  • Give feedback on products and stores
  • Users can try new products for free
  • Shoppers can express opinion, ratings and reviews
  • Get mobile audits of customers from anywhere
  • Easy to connect with customers and answer questions
  • Customers can update ratings and reviews

How does Field Agent Clone work?

Field Agent clone is an open-source script that helps users to do jobs like store audits, mystery shopping, taking pictures of different products, tasting food and reviews. Users can earn by updating these details. It will help new customers to find better products of different brands. Users need to create an attractive profile and select the type job. Users need to complete the task and update in the app. Field Agent clone script is an on-demanding one that helps people to earn income online. You can add any additional features to the script because it is customizable.

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