What is Fab Script?

Fab is an e-commerce platform. The Fab script is an open-source script that enables the users to sell designer products that range from graphic posters to high-end canteens and designed terrariums. You can get your own e-commerce company started easily using this clone script. The Fab clone script PHP can also be modified to suit your needs. If you are planning to create an e-commerce platform like Fab then consider our clone scripts and build your idea.

Why Should You Use Fab Clone?

Fab clone script is an all-in-one e-Commerce application for all sorts of household goods. All common products from all sectors such as portable chargers, home intelligent devices, outdoor & pendant lighting, and desktop lighting will be seen in the specific product categorization. The furniture section also includes baskets, cabinets, and wall decals to help you decorate your house. There are several more categories that allow the consumer to better find specific products. The exceptional feature of Fab clone PHP enables you to handle registered and non-registered users of the site. Thus such flexibility helps consumers protect their private details by using the guest mode.

Features of Fab Clone Script

  • Users can see all the popular products from each section
  • Users can add products to cart
  • You will be able to manage certain product categories
  • You can manage registered and unregistered users
  • Multiple language management feature is available
  • You can manage and decide commission rates
  • Multiple payment gateways are available

How Does Fab Clone Work?

There are plenty more features that make the Fab clone script so useful. If a family has purchased a new house and they don’t want to move the old furniture from their old house to the new house, so they are a little puzzled as they have to buy all household goods and furniture from various companies. So you can give your customers, the website built on the clone script to eliminate this confusion and make them purchase everything from one place. Our Fab clone is an open-source clone script that allows entrepreneurs and startups to build an e-commerce platform effortlessly. It is also customizable so that you can make changes and add additional features according to your project requirements.

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