What is EasyShift Script?

EasyShift is a convenient app that connects you to work with stores by completing tasks or surveys at shops. The tasks might include answering questions, taking photos of products, etc. A Shift is an assignment given by the EasyShift app for users and they need to complete the assigned work at a scheduled time. EasyShift clone is an open-source script that allows users to take surveys and other tasks. Users can access different tasks that include answering questions, product reviews, taking pictures, checking prices, etc. EasyShift script provides the option for users to earn from anywhere. If you have a plan to build a similar app to find quick jobs like these, then use our EasyShift clone script.

Why should you use EasyShift Clone?

EasyShift clone allows users to complete the tasks and earn money from anywhere or user location. In the normal EasyShift app there are two different types of Shifts. One is an anywhere shift and the other is a location-based shift. Anywhere shifts will automatically show the tasks for the user while location-based shifts require a specific store location to complete the tasks. Users can find tasks from location-based shifts and need to complete the task within a certain time limit. Each task is simple and users must be sure about the quality of work. If the task doesn’t meet the required standards the work will be rejected. Using our Easyshift clone script will help you to build your mystery shopping platform in the simplest way.

Features of EasyShift Clone Script

  • Users can pay bills and get extra cash
  • Users can work whenever they want
  • Users can choose any type of tasks and complete within a period
  • Mobile audits of customers
  • Easy to connect with customers
  • Easy to answer questions

How does EasyShift clone work?

EasyShift is an on-demand platform that allows users to make extra cash by completing surveys and other tasks. The clone script provides the option to take photos, express opinions, answer questions, or complete tasks. Users need to create a profile, select a job type and complete the task. Update the app after completing the task. The tasks include going to local stores, taking pictures of requested products, checking the prices, etc. EasyShift is an open-source script that is built with various features and you can customize it according to the requirements. EasyShift clone script is an on-demanding one that helps people to earn income online.

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