What is Disney Plus?

Disney Plus, as its name suggests, is a premium online streaming service created and promoted by multimedia conglomerate The Walt Disney Company. Disney's online streaming services have been active since 2015 in the form of DisneyLife, but it only advanced to its current state in 2019, riding on the back of a significant increase in streaming demand.

Since its launch, Disney Plus has amassed a steady quarterly growth in subscriptions and currently stands at over 125 million paid subscribers worldwide. One of the advantages of Disney Plus over the competition is its massive collection of TV and movie content sourced from its subsidiaries, including HBO and Pixar. Though they initially had technical issues, the platform has since grown to seamlessly accommodate huge content libraries and traffic, even hosting launch days of popular TV shows like Game of Thrones without hiccups.

Disney Plus is available on Web, Android, and Apple devices, across multiple nations and languages.

Why should you use our Disney Plus Clone script?

Creating a multi-device streaming platform that can host an extensive content library like Disney Plus is not easy. Furthermore, it needs to be optimized for different countries and languages. There are subscription plans that need to provide a certain level of content and user access as well. Combining all these features is months or even years of hard work, especially if you have limited technical knowledge. This is where iDevspot's Disney Plus Clone Script comes in handy.

With our Disney Plus Clone Script, creating a streaming website or app becomes a matter of hours, not months. We have done all the coding for you and even have an exhausting administrative backend for you to manage the entire website easily. You can instantly create a website similar to Disney Plus with all its features and accessibility. No other software currently in the market gives you the features we do.

Features of Disney Plus Clone Script

  • Large content libraries
  • Bulk media upload
  • Content categorization
  • Smart Search features
  • Multiple user plans
  • Account sharing feature
  • Free to view content
  • Creating wishlist
  • User dashboard
  • Admin dashboard
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Mobile apps
  • Push notifications

How does Disney Plus clone script work?

As default, our Disney Plus Clone Script looks exactly like Disney, with all its features and design. However, you can customize your website according to your brand and user requirements. You can enable or disable features or even add those not available on Disney Plus but are popular on other streaming services. You can do all this from the central admin dashboard of the script.

For the script to work, all you have to do is install it on your servers and upload relevant content and data from the backend admin panel. There is no coding involved from your side.

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