What is DesignCrowd Script?

DesignCrowd is an online buying-selling marketplace for online logo designing. Using our DesignCrowd script you can start a buying and selling graphic design marketplace. It is a platform for design creators and buyers for buying and selling graphic designs, business logos, web design, and all kinds of design services. If you are planning to create a buying-selling design marketplace then our DesignCrowd script is the perfect solution.

Why should you use DesignCrowd Clone Script?

DesignCrowd clone is an open-source buying-selling marketplace script for businesses. Using our buying-selling clone, you can offer various design services to all the customers across the globe. DesignCrowd clone script is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs and startups to kickstart their own buying-selling marketplace. In this platform, sellers can upload their designs and buyers can browse to find a design for their business. Using DesignCrowd clone PHP you can provide a huge collection of logos and various designs for different business projects.

Features of DesignCrowd Clone Script

  • Design Galleries
  • Multiple Design Categories
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Design Crowdsourcing
  • Designer Finder
  • Able to post various types of design jobs

How does DesignCrowd Clone work?

DesignCrowd ready-made script is a platform for design creators and buyers to sell and buy various logo designs and other design services. Sellers can upload their designs and buyers can choose from different varieties of categories. Users can choose designers from any country, any type of designer, and the user can also search for jobs. The platform also helps creative talents across the globe. It can be used as a crowdsourcing platform where user gets multiple designs for their project. DesignCrowd clone script is a customizable open-source script, so you can customize according to your requirements.

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