What is Deliv Script?

The Deliv clone script offers clients the option of having different types of deliveries done on the same day. The script allows clients to create a storefront that allows same-day delivery from pharmacies, hospitals, grocery stores, and many more such companies that require same-day delivery. The Deliv clone script is an online platform for entrepreneurs looking to use a platform to reduce their delivery expenses, especially when making local deliveries. Entrepreneurs can also use this platform to create their delivery services as well.

Why Should You Use Deliv Clone Script?

The Deliv clone script has numerous tools that help you create your logistics service. You do not have to use a different platform, and the operational expenses are also significantly reduced. It allows several local companies to work together to make the deliveries. The Deliv clone PHP can be used to make the deliveries even for a future date. Deliv clone script is a platform that helps you develop an online delivery service. With the help of the platform, you can create a service that provides same-day delivery. Such services are often preferred by clients who are looking for urgent services.

Features of Deliv Clone Script

  • Pickup and Delivery Scheduling
  • Pre-planned routes for drivers
  • Vehicle and Driver Tracking Option
  • User Management
  • Track Daily Reports and Transactions
  • Driver Management
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Feedback Portal
  • Trip-history Management

How Does Deliv Clone Work?

Deliv script is an open-source ready-made software script for last-mile delivery services. The clone script is built with several features similar to Deliv app and can be easily customizable as per the type of your project. Deliv clone has several features that make it easier for small and medium businesses to set-up their logistics enterprises. It also offers multiple language platforms so that different users can use the tools on the Deliv script. You can download this on-demand script directly to your server, based on your subscription, and start creating your logistics enterprise. With the help of the Deliv Clone script, you can offer your clients a crowdsourced network of drivers who can do the deliveries. Consider our online delivery scripts before starting your online delivery service app.

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