What is a Booking script?

Booking is an online booking platform for accommodations. If you are interested in launching a booking site but want to take less headache for developing the site, avail the services of booking clone script. The booking site's clone script is the replica of a Booking website that features all the facilities you encounter in a booking site. Starting from helping customers with the flight booking services to booking for stays, hotels, car rental, airport taxis, and attractions, you can feature them in the booking clone site. Use the booking script to help your customers check our various places of their interest, browse different properties, and book them as per the liking of the customers.

Why should you use a Booking clone script?

Using a Booking clone script to form a travel business site is advantageous. First of all, the solutions you will get via clone script are tailored to your audience's needs. Besides, if required, you can customize the clone script's features and add more features later. The online booking scripts support both national and international payment gateways with an easy installation process. Besides, the open-source code of clone scripts helps in easy customization. The travel booking clone is becoming popular among travel businesses due to its excellent customer service and an array of different packages.

Features of Booking Clone Script

  • Advanced Search Option
  • Availability Calender
  • Relevant Images of Properties
  • Real-time Bookings
  • Support for Multiple Languages
  • Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Discounts and Coupons
  • Review System
  • Map integration
  • Editing and Customization options
  • Multi-Booking System

How does a Booking clone work?

The working process of a booking clone app is easy. Once you have installed the clone script of booking in your server, you do not have to look back again. For online booking script-operated sites, provide the visitor's space in the website to produce their requirements, and they will get the desired results. Also, you can entice your customers with lucrative offers. If you are planning to build an online travel booking system like Booking.com, then you should consider our Booking clone script and start your own business. It is a ready-made script and you can customize the features according to your project requirements.

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