What is Blurb Clone?

Blurb clone is a self-publishing platform that allows individuals to create, publish, share, promote, and sell their own books. It is a bookmaking platform that enables consumers and professionals to create, publish, share, and sell high-quality books and magazines in both digital and print formats.

Why should you use Blurb Clone?

Blurb clone helps users to reveal their real talent in writing skills to those who are interested in book writing and magazine writing. Also, individuals who love to read can have a wide collection of books and magazines. Blurb clone script allows users to create books on their own both in digital and print formats. It is very easy to use and easy to share.

Features of Blurb Clone Script

  • Make any kind of photo album book
  • Users will get attention-grabbing phrases and words
  • It shows exclamation marks and question marks automatically
  • Able to autoflow images for quick and easy creation
  • Users can easily share book with friends, family, and fans

How does Blurb clone work?

Blurb clone is an open-source script that can be used by startups or entrepreneurs to build their own publishing platform. Blurb clone actually works as a self-publishing platform where users can see a wide range of books and magazines.The platform allows anyone to create and publish books of any range using this online software. Author of the book can share and sell their books directly through their website, social networks, and through the inbuilt tools in Blurb clone script. The script is easy to customize and you can add any extra features according to requirements.

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