What is BigCommerce Script?

BigCommerce is an online eCommerce platform that allows you to upload a list of your products, reach out to your clients, and even accept payments. With the growth of eCommerce marketplaces, it has become necessary to find a platform to showcase the products retailed by your firm. BigCommerce is one such platform that allows all retailers, from jewelers to individuals selling electronics items, to showcase their products. If you want to create a business similar to BigCommerce, you can use the BigCommerce clone script. This will help you create a platform similar to that of BigCommerce.

Why Should You Use BigCommerce Clone Script?

The BigCommerce clone script has multiple subscription-based options for clients using the platform to showcase their products. Additionally, it simplifies the entire process of selecting the products and making payments if you evaluate the platform from the customer's perspective. Hence, the BigCommerce clone script is user-friendly both for the client and the customer. The payments can be made using the same BigCommerce clone script platform. Thus, the script makes it easier to create a platform and create payment gateways. If you are planning to start an eCommerce business then buy our eCommerce script.

Features of BigCommerce Clone Script

  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Multiple payment gateway
  • Multi-category list
  • Manage customers and orders
  • Advanced search filter
  • Report and analytics
  • Push Notifications

How Does BigCommerce Clone Work?

The BigCommerce clone script is one of the most affordable options purchased on a subscription basis. By using the script, you can allow your customers to manage their storefronts from your site. You can bill your customers quarterly, monthly, or annually. The platform allows your clients to upload a list of products along with images, which they would like to sell. Additionally, your clients can even provide descriptions of the individual products, making it more straightforward for them to identify the items they would like to purchase. Finally, the script will allow you to manage the domain, including servers, billing, users, and more.

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