What is App Store Script?

Apps Store is one of the significant features of mobile application development. It gives the user the ability to search and install any application from the store. Any developer can create an app store to help other third-party apps developers post their mobile software and make money from it. If you are planning to create a digital distribution platform similar to App Store, then buy our App Store clone script and build the platform effortlessly.

Why Should You Use App Store Clone?

The features of the apps Store is similar to the main functions of Google Play Store and the IOS app store. It gives users the freedom to find multiple apps games and other mobile software in one place. This app store is very closely monitored so that no malicious apps are available to make the overall experience worse for the consumers. Strict law and regulation make it a safe place to download all the apps which you normally don’t find on the popular app stores. Some apps Store even have a subscription program where the users can avail the features of reading books and magazines at a lower price. It is even AdSense ready to make developers money posting ads about their application. The powerful admin page helps manage your apps and games in one place. You can even update your apps from there.

Features of App Store Clone Script

  • Advanced search option
  • Users can add reviews and ratings
  • Personalization and recommendation engine
  • Video App Previews
  • Language Translation

How Does App Store Clone Work?

The apps Store is based on PHP language which makes it easier to use and it is very responsive. The multi-language support and SEO friendliness make it very very client-friendly. It even works with Node Js and magenta to make it possible to run this app store on multiple platforms. Our App Store Clone is an open-source script that allows entrepreneurs and startups to build a digital distribution platform with fewer efforts. It is also a customizable script that allows you to make changes and add additional features according to the project requirements. If you want to know more about App Store Clone Script then get a free quote from us.

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