What is Apphive?

Apphive is a mobile app builder application. It allows building mobile apps for both android and iOS platforms. Unlike the other applications, there is no need for any coding knowledge. The mobile apps can be built for free, and most of the application involves just drag and drop functions. Therefore, an app can be built within no time. For example, it is possible to build mobile apps like Uber and Airbnb using Apphive. Using this application, it is possible to various components like camera, GPS, database, and geo-location. The program is so easy that it is possible to have a mobile app in just a few minutes. If you are planning to create an app builder platform then you should consider our Apphive clone script.

Why Should You Use Apphive Clone Script?

Apphive clone is an online app maker that allows users to create easy-friendly mobile apps to use without code knowledge. Apphive clone is an open-source script that allows to make dynamic mobile applications using the drag and drop elements. This mobile app builder platform allows you to develop a similar online app maker website like Apphive. It's pretty easy to build apps hybrid apps, very fast and lean using the app builder software. It is the best solution and the ideal tool for entrepreneurs that would like to launch an app but would like to test the market before development. For those who are looking for Code-free, mobile app builder can consider Apphive clone software.

Features of Apphive Clone Script

  • In-App Search
  • Multi-platform support
  • Real-time sync
  • Push Notification
  • Drag and Drop Options
  • App Templates
  • Technical Support
  • Reporting/Analytics

How Does Apphive Clone Work?

The program offers a lot of templates to choose from. Therefore, you need to pick the one that you like best. Then, using the drag and drop function, you develop the app without thinking about codes. Once the app is ready, you can publish the application on the App Store or Play Store. The simple tools and the smart manager makes it possible to develop almost any kind of application. Using the Apphive clone script, it is possible to achieve almost whatever comes to mind. Making your dream mobile app is a reality now. No project is impossible with an Apphive script. You can easily customize the clone script and can add additional features if required. The clone script has inbuilt features same as Apphive app. Using a codeless app building tool helps users use drag-and-drop elements along with customization, and publishing options.

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