What is Agoda Script?

Agoda is an online hotel booking platform, which is considered the biggest and fastest-growing search platform for motels worldwide. They are so popular that you can find almost every major chain of hotels and inns located at Agoda’s portal. Along with the stay spots, Agoda also offers a metasearch engine for vacation rentals, airport transfers, and flights, etc. If you are planning to create an online booking app then get to know more about our Agoda clone script. Agoda script is built to help businesses and entrepreneurs to start a hotel booking app with fewer efforts.

Why Should You Use Agoda Clone?

Choosing an Agoda clone script may prove to be the best decision of your life if you’re willing to offer the same or slightly modified services as Agoda. If you’re willing to offer travel services such as hotel booking and fights’ booking, then the hotel booking clone script can do miracles for you. It can do so by offering you a full-fledged ready-made script so that you can save your time looking for better ways to earn through your business rather than wasting it in searching for an experienced web designer and then paying a big fat amount to the team. This way, you can go ahead with practical operations as soon as you get on your Agoda clone script.

Features of Agoda Clone Script

  • Advanced Search Option
  • In-app Payments
  • Detailed Hotel Information
  • Track Locations
  • Rating and Feedback
  • Push Notifications
  • Instant Messaging

How Does Agoda Clone Work?

Booking a reservation through the internet is one of the fastest and easiest ways to reserve your hotel or motel reservation. And opting for the Agoda ready-made script can help you offer the same to your target audience. With just a few clicks, you can offer your customers to find their way to the front of the line. With the Agoda clone, you can offer the same services as Agoda to your clients while maintaining the same or better interface and software implications. You can customize the interface as per your preferences and make it work the way you want. You can even associate payment gateways to it to let your clients pay you directly through your mobile or app. It is an open-source script and you can customize the script according to your project requirements.

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