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Legacy versions of our website applications.
Some older versions of our applications and a few dis-continued applications are still available and supported, but no longer being developed.

DownloadDirectory 1.0

A simple way to offer downloads.

NixieAffiliate 1.0

1st generation of idev-Affiliates.

PhpAffiliate 2.0

2nd generation of idev-Affiliates.

AutoHost 2.0

2nd generation of idev-AutoHost.

PhpHostBot 4.5

4th generation of idev-AutoHost.

BizDirectory 1.0

1st generation of idev-BusinessDirectory

BizDirectory 2.0

2nd generation of idev-BusinessDirectory.

GrigEbaySuite 1.0

1st generation of idev-DigiEbay.

EbayAssist 2.0

2nd generation of idev-DigiEbay.

MultiVendor 1.0

A multi-vendor digital download store.

DigiVendorPro 1.0

1st generation of idev-DigiShop.

PayDownloadPal 3.0

3rd generation of idev-DigiVendor.

DigiVendor 4.0

4th generation of idev-DigiVendor.

MusicVendor 1.0

1st generation of idev-MusicShop.

PhpRealEstate 1.0

1st generation of idev-Realty.

iDevCart 1.0

1st generation of idev-Shop.

SoftDirec 1.0

1st generation of idev-SoftDirectory.

iSubscribe 2.0

2nd generation of idev-Subscribe.

iSubscribe 3.0

3rd generation of idev-Subscribe.

TextAds 1.0

1st generation of idev-TextAds.

TextAds 2.0

2nd generation of idev-TextAds.

PhpAutos 1.0

1st generation of idev-Vehicles.

iSupport 1.0

Help desk and support ticketing.

PhpLinkExchange 1.0

Automated link exchange directory.