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Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we are running several of your web scripts, and actually, our entire website is being powered by your software. We had our son set everything up and it's all working like a charm, thank you so much!

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idev- textads 5.0

Sell text ad spots on your website.

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What does idev-textads do?

1. Upload & Install on your Website.
Or use our free installation service.

2. Configure all settings. Create advertising packages and place ad box placement code into your website using your personal Administrator Control Panel.

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3. Advertisors create and fund their own campaigns which are automatically displayed when paid for.

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Appearance Customization

Preview our Theme Styles (Included with idev-textads)

You can customize the look and feel of idev-textads theme style templates as much as you want!

We also include attractive, pre-made custom style templates for you to choose from. Just add your logo, header & footer to personalize your installation.

PHP Advertising Script

What is idev-TextAds?

idev-TextAds is a PHP Script (special software for your website) designed to enable you to sell monthly recurring advertisement spots on your website (via Paypal, which supports credit card, bank transfers and other payment types). Text Ads have proven to be much more popular then banner ads, and idev-TextAds will allow you to sell a panel of ads, stacked either vertically or horizontally on your website, which rotate if you have more ads then space allows.

How does idev-TextAds work?

  1. Visitors looking for advertising space on your website will be presented with a "Your Ad Here" link from your existing panel of text ads.
  2. Upon clicking the "Your Ad Here" link, potential advertisers will be directed to the following advertiser signup page to create an account and create an ad to placement within your website.
  3. When your advertiser has created an add, they will be able to activate it instantly by completing a Paypal purchase and creating a monthly billing subscription. idev-TextAds will remove the advertisers ads if your advertiser ever decides to cancel their subscription.
  4. Once payment is completed, the advertisers ad will become active and they will be able to view clicks and impressions from the the advertiser contorl panel.

You can customize the appearance entirely, add your own graphics, logo, colors, header/footer, and fully integrate idev-TextAds in to your website! More theme style templates are available from our demo page.

How do I use idev-TextAds?

When you purchase idev-TextAds, we will deliver (electronically) to you the files that you will then need to upload to your website in order to run idev-TextAds. There is a simple installation process (that we fully support) (and we also offer a complete installation service, if you need that kind of help) the entire process can completed in as little as 5 minutes.

You will have full access to an administrative control panel area where you will be able to manage all idev-TextAds functions easily and without any technical knowledge.

Can I customize idev-TextAds?

Oh yes, absolutely. All of our website software (PHP Scripts) are designed to be customized fully. We include a good selection of pre-made professional theme style templates free with purchase (and we are constantly expanding upon our template library). You will have the option to create your own theme style templates (feel free to share them with the community!) and if you are a programmer/advanced developer, you will also have full access to our source code, which means that you can literally change anything or add any features that you might need.

Why should I use idev-TextAds?

A Great Way to Create Extra Website Revenue

If you have a website that already gets traffic, chances are, that there are advertisers out there looking to promote their website on your website. The idev-TextAds system automates this entire process so that you don't have to worry about taking orders and maintaining billing and ad placement.

View a complete list of features

Click here to view a complete list of idev-textads 5.0 Features

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