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idev- softdirectory 5.0

Software repository.

All our Software Includes
Money Back Guarantee Free Technical Support
Always Free Updates No Recurring Fees
Use on Multiple Domains Customizable (Open Source)
Instant Download Delivery Modification Service Available
Attractive Premade Themes Installation Service
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What does idev-softdirectory do?

1. Upload & Install on your Website.
Or use our free installation service.

2. Configure all settings using your personal Administrator Control Panel.

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3. Listings appear in your directory. Your visitors can add listings too (and you can charge for advertising)!

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Client Examples

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Appearance Customization

Preview our Theme Styles (Included with idev-softdirectory)

You can customize the look and feel of idev-softdirectory theme style templates as much as you want!

We also include attractive, pre-made custom style templates for you to choose from. Just add your logo, header & footer to personalize your installation.

Software Repository Script

What is idev-SoftDirectory?

idev-SoftDirectory is a PHP Script (special software for your website) which creates a software repository on your website. This can be used for listing software of all different types. You can target a specific platform such as Mac/Windows/Mobile (etc). Supports shareware, freeware, commercial and open source software. The directory is entirely customizable, you can create whatever type of software repository that you need.

How does idev-SoftDirectory work?

Add software to your directory and allow your visitors to do the same.

You can customize the appearance entirely, add your own graphics, logo, colors, header/footer, and fully integrate idev-SoftDirectory in to your website! More theme style templates are available from our demo page.

  1. Options to operate a free, paid or hybrid software repository.
  2. Run either a free software repository, paid repository, or a hybrid of the two (free listings with a listing upgrade option).

  3. Paypal ecommerce integration enables your users to upgraded their software listings instantly and automatically.
  4. idev-SoftDirectory links with Paypal automatically for full automation of paid and upgraded listings. Free listings can be toggled to either appear in your directory right away, or pending administrator approval of the listing.

  5. Visitors to your SoftDirectory will be able to submit their own classified ads to your directory.
  6. The essence of a SoftDirectory directory is to allow your visitors to submit their classified ads to your directory. idev-SoftDirectory makes this process simple and quick.

How do I use idev-SoftDirectory?

When you purchase idev-SoftDirectory, we will deliver (electronically) to you the files that you will then need to upload to your website in order to run idev-SoftDirectory. There is a simple installation process (that we fully support) (and we also offer a complete installation service, if you need that kind of help) the entire process can completed in as little as 5 minutes.

You will have full access to an administrative control panel area where you will be able to manage all idev-SoftDirectory functions easily and without any technical knowledge.

Can I customize idev-SoftDirectory?

Oh yes, absolutely. All of our website software (PHP Scripts) are designed to be customized fully. We include a good selection of pre-made professional theme style templates free with purchase (and we are constantly expanding upon our template library). You will have the option to create your own theme style templates (feel free to share them with the community!) and if you are a programmer/advanced developer, you will also have full access to our source code, which means that you can literally change anything or add any features that you might need.

Why should I use idev-SoftDirectory?

A SoftDirectory Great, Low Cost Internet classified Startup Idea that will Make you Money

An Internet SoftDirectory directory can be a very useful resource for web users looking for special software. Target a specific type of software (such as a iPhone, Windows or Linux software). You can place ads or charge for listing placement in order to earn money with your directory. The ecommerce integration within idev-SoftDirectory is fully automated with Paypal subscription support. No special setup is required!

View a complete list of features

Click here to view a complete list of idev-softdirectory 5.0 Features

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