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idev- musicshop 5.0

Sell your music and audio files.

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What does idev-musicshop do?

1. Upload & Install on your Website.
Or use our free installation service.

2. Configure all settings and add music using your personal Administrator Control Panel.

Try a Live Demo

3. Preview tracks are automatically generated and when a customers pays for a song, they automatically receive their download files!

Try a Live Demo

Video demo

Live demo

Appearance Customization

Preview our Theme Styles (Included with idev-musicshop)

You can customize the look and feel of idev-musicshop theme style templates as much as you want!

We also include attractive, pre-made custom style templates for you to choose from. Just add your logo, header & footer to personalize your installation.

PHP Music Store

What is idev-MusicShop?

idev-MusicShop is a PHP Script (special software for your website) that creates an online music store on your website. Allowing you to sell your music and other audio files. It includes a song preview feature that automatically generates a short sample audio track from your song/track and allows your website visitors to preview your music before purchasing.

idev-MusicShop includes an automated purchase system, using Paypal (which can process credit card payments and bank transfers) to securely deliver your customer the music files that they purchase, instantly and automatically.

How does idev-MusicShop work?

You can customize the appearance entirely, add your own graphics, logo, colors, header/footer, and fully integrate idev-MusicShop in to your website! More theme style templates are available from our demo page.
  1. Create albums and add songs to your albums via the idev-MusicShop control panel.
  2. Your music store visitors will be able to purchase entire albums or individual song tracks.

  3. Create categories and music genres.
  4. Your music store visitors will be able to search their favorite artists, genres, albums or song titles.

  5. When your customers purchase a song from your music shop, they will be send download access information instantly and automatically via email.
  6. All song/audio track download locations will be kept hidden and secure from even your customers.

How do I use idev-MusicShop?

When you purchase idev-MusicShop, we will deliver (electronically) to you the files that you will then need to upload to your website in order to run idev-MusicShop. There is a simple installation process (that we fully support) (and we also offer a complete installation service, if you need that kind of help) the entire process can completed in as little as 5 minutes.

You will have full access to an administrative control panel area where you will be able to manage all idev-MusicShop functions easily and without any technical knowledge.

Can I customize idev-MusicShop?

Oh yes, absolutely. All of our website software (PHP Scripts) are designed to be customized fully. We include a good selection of pre-made professional theme style templates free with purchase (and we are constantly expanding upon our template library). You will have the option to create your own theme style templates (feel free to share them with the community!) and if you are a programmer/advanced developer, you will also have full access to our source code, which means that you can literally change anything or add any features that you might need.

Why should I use idev-MusicShop?

Secure your Audio Files

Your customers will never know where the actual URL file locations of the files that they are downloading come from. This keeps your music secure!

Instant Automatic Song/Track Previews

Unlike other pure digital download delivery systems (for selling digital content) idev-MusicShop provides an automatic preview of each song that you want to sell. This saves you time, since you won't need to create the sample track yourself.

Attract More Customers

Instantly download delivery of digital content is a strong selling point for any digital content based business, and idev-MusicShop provides you with this functionality!

View a complete list of features

Click here to view a complete list of idev-musicshop 5.0 Features

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