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I was already using idev-DigiVendor to sell my ebooks, so was super excited to see that I could integrate it was this affiliate program. Perfect combo!

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idev- affiliates 5.0

Offer an affiliate program on your website. Start getting more traffic and sales from affiliates.

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What does idev-affiliates do?

1. Upload & Install on your Website.
Or use our free installation service.

2. Configure all settings using your personal Administrator Control Panel.

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3. Visitors sign up for your affiliate program, refer traffic to your website, and earn commissions!

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Appearance Customization

Preview our Theme Styles (Included with idev-affiliates)

You can customize the look and feel of idev-affiliates theme style templates as much as you want!

We also include attractive, pre-made custom style templates for you to choose from. Just add your logo, header & footer to personalize your installation.

Affiliate Program Software

What is idev-Affiliates?

idev-Affiliates is a PHP Script (special software for your website) for Paypal merchants that plugs in to your website in order to track: affiliate referrals, affiliate sales, affiliate commissions, registration, affiliate payouts (and more). It is everything that you need to run an affiliate program on your website.

How does idev-Affiliates work?

You gain more sales from affiliate referrals and your affiliates gain a commission on sales that they refer. So imagine that a visitor (potential affiliate marketer) finds your website your website and likes your products/services and wants to help you sell them...
  1. The visitor (new affiliate) registers for your affiliate program and becomes an affiliate.
  2. Our software handles this automatically. You can customize the appearance entirely, add your own graphics, logo, colors, header/footer, and fully integrate idev-Affiliates in to your website! More theme style templates are available from our demo page.

  3. The visitor (new affiliate) chooses from your selection of text links and banners, which they copy and paste in to their own website (blog, Facebook, email etc) to help promote your product/service.
  4. This link/banner is automatically configured with unique tracking information specific to the affiliates ID number, so that our system can track referrals and sales from each specific affiliate.

  5. When a customer that an affiliate has referred to your website makes a purchase, our software credits a commission to the referring affiliates account.
  6. idev-Affiliate's administrative control panel makes it easy for you to choose the percentage commission that you want to pay for affiliate referral sales, and how long the referral tracking cookie will last for.

  7. idev-Affiliates keeps track of how much you owe (and how much you have already paid) your affiliates and provides you with an easy 'pay affiliate button' when an affiliate earns a commission balance.

How do I use idev-Affiliates?

When you purchase idev-Affiliates, we will deliver (electronically) to you the files that you will then need to upload to your website in order to run idev-Affiliates. There is a simple installation process (that we fully support) (and we also offer a complete installation service, if you need that kind of help) the entire process can completed in as little as 5 minutes.

After installation has been completed, you will copy & paste both referral and purchase tracking code into your web page(s) in order to track affiliate referrals and sales. This is a simple process that idev-Affiliates will guide you through once it has been installed. And that's it. You will have full access to an administrative control panel area where you will be able to manage all idev-Affiliate functions easily and without any technical knowledge.

Can I customize idev-Affiliates?

Oh yes, absolutely. All of our website software (PHP Scripts) are designed to be customized fully. We include a good selection of pre-made professional theme style templates free with purchase (and we are constantly expanding upon our template library). You will have the option to create your own theme style templates (feel free to share them with the community!) and if you are a programmer/advanced developer, you will also have full access to our source code, which means that you can literally change anything or add any features that you might need.

Why should I use idev-Affiliates?

Boost your Website Sales for Free

You could be earning 10% or 10,000% more money from your website right now! You really have no idea how many influential new affiliate marketers could be joining your affiliate revenue sharing program and promoting your products/services right now. And the best part is, they all work for free. You only pay when you get paid.

Why have an Affiliate Program?

When you offer affiliate revenue sharing on your website, you agree to pay your affiliate marketers a portion of the money that you earn for sales by visitors who they refer to your website. This is a brilliant, zero startup cost marketing system that you only invest money into after you have earned money from it!

Your Website is Actually Losing Money Right Now

For every day that you delay in starting your own affiliate website revenue sharing affiliate, you are quite literally losing money. You are missing out on signing up new affiliates and all the bonus sales and traffic that they could be sending you each day.

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