What is Grammarly Clone?

Grammarly clone is an open-source script for proofreading that helps users to find out the mistakes, punctuation, grammar, and gives suggestions in writing. It helps to clear the mistakes while typing. Grammarly clone is built with many features that can help bloggers, students, content writers, copywriters, authors, and so on.

Why should you use Grammarly Clone?

Grammarly clone is an open-source script that helps startups and entrepreneurs to build a platform to check grammar and errors. Sometimes while writing letters or contents related to the job it may happen of having mistakes while writing. And we can’t understand the mistakes if someone is there not to help. In that case, we have got a digital tool that will always be with us to help our writing. And by the use of Grammarly clone, users will get the suggestions and it points out grammar mistakes, spelling, pronunciation, plagiarism, and so on.

Features of Grammarly Clone Script

  • Critical grammar and spelling checks
  • Genre-specific writing style checks
  • Performance stats
  • Personal dictionary
  • Plagiarism detector
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • New word suggestion for repetitive words

How does a Grammarly Clone work?

Grammarly clone script is an online proofreading platform script that helps to improve the writing skills of users. Users can adjust the feedback genre according to their type. It shows different options about the audience, style, domain, intent, emotion, etc.. Which helps us to deliver in such a manner. The pattern and style of the writing will be according to the feedback we select. There is an option in Grammarly clone to manage the style, emotion, intent, and audience. Grammarly clone script is a customizable open-source script and you can add any additional feature according to the requirements.

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