What is Indiegogo Clone?

Indiegogo clone is an online fintech script that enables businesses and users to raise funds with a crowdfunding platform on different types of projects such as innovative, creative, and scientific. This open-source script will help you start our own online fintech business. You can provide a crowdfunding platform for users to explore different products with the help of Indiegogo clone PHP.

Why should you use the Indiegogo Clone?

Indiegogo clone script allows your users to explore different projects with advanced financial tools for crowdfunding purposes across the globe. This Indiegogo clone will help entrepreneurs to boost their start-up in the field of online fintech business. It acts as an intermediate platform that connects users and start-up businesses with investors. Indiegogo clone script also helps users to promote their campaigns on different social media platforms. Indiegogo clone is an open-source script and you can customize as per your requirements.

Features of Indiegogo Clone Script

  • Search module for all projects
  • Projects can be shared on social networks
  • Option to view upcoming projects
  • It provides an attractive way to raise funds
  • Flexible to customize your campaign
  • Offers a variety of crowdfunding services

How does Indiegogo Clone work?

Indiegogo Clone is a crowdfunding platform where people can launch projects to raise funds and that helps users and backers to connect with each other. Users provide creative and innovative projects on Indiegogo's pages through images, posters, music, charity, videos, etc and investors fund them into reality. You can easily create a campaign using this platform, that attracts people to give money to your campaign. At the end of the campaign, you can take the full money raised for your project. After launching your campaign, share your project with people on social media platforms.

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